Bentham Country Club

The Home Of 5-A-Side Football ... And More!

A Great Celebration For You And Your Friends

For 5th Birthdays upwards! 

A supervised hour of sport followed by 45 minutes for food.   Hosted each Sunday throughout the year - starting on the hour between 11am and 3pm.

The most popular choice is Football.  Other sports available are Uni_hockey, Tag rugby or Netball.  Also available, and ideal for younger children, is a Fun Fitness party which includes one or two sport choices, races, and optional parachute games. 

We hope you find the information below helpful.  Please also see the Q & A section.  If you have a question, would like to check a date, or wish to make a booking please call 01452 864157 Mon- Fri (after 1pm).  A member of staff will take your details and assist with your booking.  We will then post you confirmation of your booking and your party invitations.



For £3.75 per child a cooked meal is provided:

     Cheese & tomato pizza          Cod fish-fingers

     Chicken breast nuggets           Pork sausages

Served with fries and with jelly & ice-cream to follow. Orange squash and water is provided. 


The children make their choice upon arrival and you only pay for the number of meals ordered on the day. 

Meals For Siblings & Grown Ups

Additional meals can be provided for siblings who are not taking part in the activities at £3.75 per meal and adult portions are available at £4.75 per person.  Please note there is also a selection of savoury snacks and beverages from our Lounge Bar.

Special Dietary Requirements

Two days prior notice will assist with the availability of suitable products for special dietary requirements.  Product labelling is available for inspection upon request.  Unless notified, we will understand that no special dietary needs are to be catered for.

Clients are not permitted to provide their own catering unless to meet special dietary purposes.  A parent of a child with a food allergy must remain in attendance throughout the party.

Activity Hour - Number Of Children & Costs

Up to 16 children = £60 + catering

Up to 25 children = £75 + catering

The activity hour will be charged for the total number of children instructed at the time of booking.  If you wish to increase or decrease the total number of children, no less than 4 days prior notice is required. 

Due to staffing requirements, accommodating additional numbers on the day or decreasing the activity hour cost may not be possible.


Additional Information

- Please ensure invitations are marked with the correct start and finish time and, as the ‘host parent’,

please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your start time.

- On arrival, you will be greeted and shown to your party room.

- Don’t forget to bring your party cake, candles, serviettes for cake wrapping and your party bags.


- Please do not bring ‘party-poppers’


- “Happy Birthday” is sung between courses to allow time to cut the cake.  We are happy to slice and

wrap the cake on your behalf or provide you with the utensils to do this yourself.

-  Our data & privacy policy can be found here

Safety & Well-being

- As the host parent, you must remain in attendance throughout the party to escort children to and

from the toilet and supervise them whilst eating.  Catering staff are on hand to serve the meals only.


- Children not participating or choosing to ‘sit-out’ of an activity remain the responsibility of the host



-  Participation in sport is fun but also carries a risk for potential injury.  Children participating implies

acceptance of such risk by their parents.  Children should dress appropriately for sport, trainers are

ideal for footwear.  Jewellery and spectacles should be removed..  Bentham Country Club cannot be

held responsible for any injury sustained unless negligence is proven on our part.


- The Activity Coordinator reserves the right to exclude a child from part or all of the activities if their

participation endangers the safety, well-being or enjoyment of either your guests or that of



Q & A

Q) Do you only host parties on Sunday's?

A) Yes, on the hour between 11am and 3pm start times.  Hosting on Sunday's ensures the availability of our sports leaders who supervise the children in the activity hour.  


Q) How long have you been hosting sports parties?

A) For 30 years.  We enjoy returning customers year after year and strive to keep the whole process simple and 'stress free' for the hosting parent.

Q) Why don't you require a deposit?

A) It keeps things simple and reduces admin.  After the party your bill is presented and full payment is then made by card, cheque or cash.  We send you confirmation of your booking in the post.  In 30 years of hosting parties, we have only had one occasion where a party did not turn up - parents don't tend to disappoint their children.

Q) I really think that 45 minutes for the food is too long and I'm worried the children